Who we are:

Climate Friends are people with climate change on their minds and hearts.

We're acutely aware of the climate crisis and its affect on ourselves and all living beings on Earth; and that our most vulnerable and least privileged are disproportionately impacted.

We've crossed our personal "tipping points" and are unwilling and in some cases unable to ignore, deny, or disavow the reality of the human-caused climate emergency.

In our respective climate journeys, we recognize the importance of community and our shared power to support one another as we navigate climate challenges.

Climate Friends isn't the only place to be in community like this; but we think it's a pretty special place because of the people who make it.

What we do:

1️⃣ Host an always-online community space, the Climate Friends Club, where climate friends can connect and hang out any time.

2️⃣ Organize and facilitate Climate Friends Circles, where friends have an opportunity to tell their climate stories and listen to others tell theirs.

3️⃣ Curate a calendar of climate Events and gallery of Resources for Resilience: to support our members in their individual journeys and cultivate connections and shared experiences between friends.

4️⃣ Organize and collaborate together to take climate action, in all its many forms.

Climate Friends is built with lots of 💜 by Tim Falls.