Climate Friends is committed to cultivating a community that warmly welcomes and lovingly supports people of all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, races, nationalities, spiritual beliefs, political parties, and so on.

We're co-creating a community space where each of us can be ourselves without fear of judgement from others.

To ensure that we meet this commitment and create a healthy environment, we ask all members to review and pledge to our Community Guidelines.

As a member of the Climate Friends community, I will:

  • Be kind to one another and remain mindful that we're all connected.
  • Be respectful of privacy and personal information → what's shared with climate friends stays within our space.
  • Listen actively, with care and compassion → replacing judgment with curiosity.
  • Be open to vulnerability → in myself and from fellow community members.
  • Be empathetic and sensitive to the spectrum of traumas imposed on our species by the ongoing climate disaster.
  • Refrain from disrespectful, offensive, or distasteful behavior. There is zero tolerance for harassment or abuse of any kind.
  • Acknowledge climate injustices (e.g., environmental racism), recognize my own privileges, and stand for climate justice (however that manifests for each of us).
  • Envision a beautiful, positive, optimistic future that we can create together, if we work together peacefully.


*These guidelines will always be a work in progress. It's for the people and by the people of Climate Friends. Ideas for improvements are welcome and appreciated - please submit them using the form below.

Pledge to the Guidelines ✍️

You can also sign the Guidelines here →